Join the Backstreet family as one of our wholesale customers!
We recognize the growing demand for businesses to provide unique, delicious and locally baked products.

At Backstreet we have supplied resorts, hotels, coffee shops, restaurants and local markets a variety of our goods for as long as we have been making goods. 

One of the biggest challenges with wholesale is getting our product in your door. Each of our customers has a slightly different arrangement. We are flexible and creative so don’t let this get in the way of providing your customers the most amazing products possible! 

Often we work directly with a wholesale purchaser to develop a custom product or process for our products. To provide a couple of ideas, here is some of what we have done:

We have excellent recipes for endless other baked items. We can bake rolls, cornbread, batter breads, you get the idea. For questions about wholesale or to place an order,
give us a call down at the shop.